Our Vision

As Green Beach Hotel, our aim is to be the first choice of our guests who come to Kalkan, a holiday paradise full of beauty and unique views. By providing our guests with a high-quality accommodation experience that will make them feel special throughout their holidays, we also: Our only goal is to make them feel that they are part of a business that respects nature, culture and society.

Our Mission

As Green Beach Hotel, our greatest mission is to make our guests' holiday experiences unforgettable and to provide them with the highest quality service by prioritizing their needs. By protecting our natural beauties, being sensitive to the environment, caring about cultural assets and thus offering our guests a sustainable tourism experience and respecting our cultural heritage; To be a business that will also pay attention to the economic, social and cultural effects of tourism in the region.

The most important reason why our guests choose Green Beach Hotel is; Quality, sincere and friendly service. Our service approach, our facility in harmony with nature and most importantly, being a business that prioritizes guest satisfaction above all else.

As Green Beach Hotel, we aim for our guests to have a comfortable and comfortable holiday and at the same time to feel peaceful as if they were at home.